My Daughters (and Me) in USA TODAY!

USA Today has a major profile of me, my new book, and a major announcement about my health over the last year. It also contains a photograph of my daughters. Thank you all for your support.

  • Jan Swoope
    Posted at 04:23h, 21 October Reply

    Dear Bruce,

    It was so great to hear you again last night at the Atlanta History Center. As I said, you continue to be a “rock star” in my 6th grade Hebrew Testament studies at St. Martin’s Episcopal School. I was stunned by your announcement last night about your cancer, but am so happy that you are now cancer-free. I just read the USA Today story and will be sharing it with my 57 6th graders. We start each class with intercessory prayers that the students offer on behalf of others. I know you’ll have our kids praying for you and your family as your journey continues.

    Jan Swoope
    P. S. My husband, Jeff, said last night on the way home that you were the kind of person whom we’d just love to sit down with and listen to your stories.

  • G. Teise
    Posted at 04:47h, 21 October Reply

    I read your USA Today article this morning in which you stated that “Moses is bigger than Jesus”. Have you had a chance to read the Book of John? do you realize when you read the entire books of the Bible that it all points to the redemtive blood of Jesus Christ coming to save a lost world? In the book of John, Jesus gave his life for us on a cross. It was a painful and humiliating experience, but he did it anyways for us.
    I did not read where Moses gave his life for his people. In fact Moses lived a long time, whereas Jesus died at the age of 33.
    If you read the last book of the bible “Revelation” it is not Moses who comes back but Jesus to rule and reign in this world with his true saints.

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