Glenn Beck: “If you buy only one book this holiday, buy America’s Prophet”

I appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio Program this morning for a half-hour interview with Glenn.

Here are some excerpts.

“There are few books that have come across my desk in the last few five years… I can think of three that have been just powerful. That I know they will stay with me for a very long time. One of the three is America’s Prophet. It is the most powerful history… most powerfully written history book for perspective that I have read in a long, long time.”

“This is the best storytelling of history I think I’ve ever read.”

“The name of the book is AMERICA’S PROPHET. I’ve got four books out right now. But If you buy can only buy one book – well, buy a second one and make it AMERICA’S PROPHET. No, buy this book. AMERICA’S PROPHET. It is absolutely fantastic. And I have to tell you, Bruce, you made me want to leave what I do for a living and go write history books. Because I was IN the bell tower with the Liberty Bell. I was AT Plymouth Rock with you. I was IN the Statue of Liberty with you. It is a fantastic book. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

To read the full transcript, click here.

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