BRUCE FEILER is the New York Times best-selling author of seven books, including Walking the Bible, Abraham, and Where God Was Born, an award-winning journalist, and the writer-presenter of the PBS miniseries Walking the Bible. He has traveled to over sixty countries, on five continents, immersing himself in different cultures. The result is numerous acclaimed books that take readers along on his fascinating adventures and bring other worlds vividly to life.

His books include Learning to Bow, an account of the year he spent teaching in a small Japanese town, Looking for Class, about life inside Oxford and Cambridge, and Under the Big Top, which depicts the year he spent performing as a clown in the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus.

His most recent work explores the parallels between religion, geography, and the emotional issues of our time. Walking the Bible describes his perilous, 10,000-mile journey retracing the Five Books of Moses through the desert. The book was hailed as an "instant classic" by the Washington Post and "thoughtful, informed, and perceptive" by The New York Times. It spent more than a year and a half on the New York Times bestseller list, has been translated into fifteen languages, and is the subject of a children's book, and a photography book.

Abraham recounts his personal search for the shared ancestor of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. "Exquisitely written," wrote the Boston Globe, "100 percent engaging." The book was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine, became a runaway New York Times bestseller, and inspired thousands of grassroots interfaith discussions around the world.

Bruce Feiler writes for numerous publications and is a contributing editor for Parade. He is also a frequent contributor to National Public Radio and CNN. He has been the subject of Jay Leno joke and a JEOPARDY! question, and his face appears on a postage stamp in the Grenadines.

Feiler's newest book, Where God Was Born: A Daring Adventure Through the Bible's Greatest Stories describes his year-long trek retracing the Bible through the frontlines of Israel, Iraq, and Iran. "Bruce Feiler is a real-life Indiana Jones," wrote the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Excellent," said the Washington Post. "Feiler's careful writing and sweeping histories of the region provide compelling reading." The book was published in September 2005 and became a Top Ten New York Times bestseller.

In 2006, PBS aired a three-hour miniseries Walking the Bible with Bruce Feiler that received record ratings and was viewed by 20 million people in its first month. "Beguiling," wrote the Wall Street Journal. "Mr. Feiler is an engaging and informed guide. Three splendid hours."

A native of Savannah, Georgia, Bruce Feiler lives in New York with wife, Linda Rottenberg, and their twin daughters.

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