• Lenny
    Posted at 05:17h, 14 July Reply

    Dear Bruce,

    I have a profound respect for your voice and passion for peace and stability in this region. However, you and others will become silent as the months and years go by and this will become your biggest embarassment. The revolution was about the impact of food inflation which jumped a full 25 percent since October…The average Egyptian family paid about 50 percent of their incomes for food and it went to about 75 percent. While the average Egyptian was tired of Murbarak–they will never again have the level of freedom they have experienced for the past 30 years unless they violently deal with the Islamic Mafia–The MB’s and others. Also, you and other writers must come to terms with the epistomological foundations that define the Arab world–Islam. Even Sam Harris admits there are major differences in the way Islamic popluations operate vs their non-Muslim counterparts. Unless, moderate and nominal Muslims on the street forcefully marginalized the MB’s and countless other radical groups–the change will be for the worse. Syria is the same: It is the Islamic parties that want to expel a secular dictator in the name of freedom.

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