• Susan
    Posted at 12:10h, 17 October

    There was a Moses of the Holy Bible, Just as there was a John the Baptist in the Holy Bible, In The Gospel Of The Risen Christ Jesus That John , and Others In the New Testament Gospel Of Christ Jesus WERE witness to The WORD THAT HAS been Written.
    I refer you TO a Moses that has a Tombstone and there is another also a smaller one with another Moses Name on it. In Dickinson Cemetary in what was known as Radner County in the State of Illinois. The last name for both men named Moses also was and is the same name as Two Surpreme Court Justices of the United States Government short years after the Government was formed.
    As for the Moses of Genesis-Deteronomy, Our Lord Named the man that recorded the first five books of the Word of God the Father, Named him and also had it written he was born of a Jewish woman. Whom also was a slave to the Pharoah of the Egyptian Arabian people. Joshua after the Death of the Recorder Moses, whom had recieved the COMMANDMENTS that are no longer to be seen, and The Christian that bares As the root. WORD Christ as in the Risen Christ Jesus of the Gospelis not to be allowed mentioned here in the Country where a MAN called Moses and two Supreme Court Judges named John Two names along with Jesus Christ, a Man called Abraham, George Washington, Isaac, Jacob, GOD STILL IS GOD! and ISRAEL STILL exists, as HEBREWS JEWISH PEOPLE NAMED as MOSES WAS by GOD!!
    Also ABRHAM ISAAC AND JACOB will always be Words that GOD had WRITTEN just as HE HAD EVEN the GOSPEL BOOK OF CHRIST JESUS written. You Like Investigating … Whom.. Do you believe will win the War between the Ones that are Now called Terrorist against the Jewish Israelie People, of the NAMED STATES of ISRAEL.. those called by the people. Islam, of Mohammand, the Jewish called Israel, of Their Messiah, or the United States, That have Faith In a GOSPEL Of Christ Jesus When HE THE SON OF GOD HAS left two Laws.. Love GOD, and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF. We just may have come to a point in time when THE LORD THY GOD WILL make certain AGAIN. that HIS ISRAEL SHALL survive. as they have EVEN in the OLD time…. I happen to believe that WE HAVE ALONG with ENGLAND should continue to be a friend to THE LORDS PEOPLE HE named ISRAEL.. the HEBREW JEWISH For many Jewish know truth as many Egyptians also know and so do we called Christian know.. THE HOLY BIBLE of Today is still HIS WORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do we now disregard the name of the First Adam and in doing so we ALSO DO AWAY with the Gospel of Christ Jesus For even the people Named JEWISH, ISRAEL… I HAVE no answer for the War.. that TERRORISTS BEGAN AFTER years of waiting to BRING DOWN the FRIENDS of ISRAEL.. without these will the STATE and CITY OF ISRAEL survive .. GOD already has said yes to HIS PEOPLE Called Jewish I was taught the Man of Bethlehem and Nazareth was a Jew… His Name… Messiah to the people of Israel and Christ Jesus to those of faith in the Cross, the Blood, and the Gospel of Christ JOHN 3;16: How do we have Matthew, Luke, John,Without having, Genesis-Deteronomy-Joshua-Malachi 4; Was I taught and did I hear wrong,, that JOHN wrote Revelation?

    May GOD BLESS AMERICA, and MAY WE PRAY FOR PEACE FOR THE CITY NAMED JERUSALEM in a STATE named ISRAEL. You just might remember that The Suicide Bombers Of The PLanes that came HERE in 2001 have Been COMMITTING SUICIDE in ISRAEL EVER SINCE. the People called Jewish took JERUSALEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! in 1948 By a MANDATE after the Holocost war during WWII.. THEY are THE LORDS.. SO IS JERUSALEM.. HIS!!!!!! The Reality of HIS TRUTH AND HISTORY can be more then many can bare or understand. EVEN FOR A ONE called a Believer because of Hearing the Word and Faith in the Gospel .. A Word Christian. Without Paul would the Word exist? You Decide.. To old to Fight any war including the war we today fight in the Middle East FOR and TO KEEP our RIGHT to Worship In the name of Christ Jesus. Prophets, Of Old, Miracles, Of New, and What then can be Truth. When None want to admit THAT SIN Is the Reason For A Savior. todays President is not CHRIST JESUS nor Is He The Father God Either. Neither am I..

  • Mark J Fredericksen
    Posted at 02:53h, 24 October

    Everytime you think you’ve heard everything, someone comes up with some nonsense far beyond what has gone before. I read your book ‘The Land Where God Was Born’ I thought it was well written, honest and quite informative. But Bruce, regarless of whatever clever reasoning you have come up with, the very premise of this book is the most absurd thing I’ve heard in recent times. If you actually thing Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin gave a crap about Moses, you have successfully decieved yourself. Jefferson clearly regarded the Bible as a work of fiction and Franklin likely care even less about it. Based on you last book I read, I would expect this one to be equally well written. But the bottom line is that it’s more likely that Hammurabi was this countries spiritual founding father than Moses here is that the spiritual founding father. I’m sure you’ll sell a bunch of books to Christians and Jews, but the premise of the book is absurd on its face.