Thank You For Survival

One-year ago today I was leaving the hospital after my 50th night in less than 150 days. Today, I sat on a stationary bike in a darkened room with over 100 other riders and pedaled for over half an hour. I spent the first half-hour today almost choking on my emotion, and by day’s end, as the inspirational founder of Cycle for Survival handed over a check to my doctors for $2.2 million dollars, I was completely overcome. Upstairs, Linda held Tybee and Eden in her arms and cried as she had not done in many, many months. The celebration was tinged with the news that a leading rider will begin chemo treatment on Tuesday for her fourth recurrence of a soft-tissue sarcoma in the last five years. We join the 2,000 other people who participated today in lending a shoulder of support for her coming days.

Thank you for participating in this deeply memorable day. Thank you to those who gave up their high-tech spinning gear for mere low-tech tennis shoes, to those who came in from New Jersey, to those who left their kids for the morning, to those who babysat, or sacrificed a more exciting day in New York City, or got cut off after just a few minutes on the bike.

And a deep thank you to those who donated to this extremely important cause – raising money to support sarcomas and other rare and orphan cancers. I met a men today who is already in a clinical trial that is being supported by money raised last year from this event. I am personally very grateful, as were the many children, family members, and others touched by the random horror of forgotten diseases.

We were not alone today. And we will not forget.


Bruce (and Linda)

To make a contribution or learn more about this amazing event, please click here.

  • BBG
    Posted at 12:34h, 24 June

    That was exactly what I was looking for. You have done a wonderful job communicating your message. Keep up the good work.

  • Giovanni Barnett
    Posted at 01:58h, 26 June

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